3 Questions to Ask Before Developing Mobile Apps

3 Questions to Ask Before Developing Mobile Apps

Considering a mobile app for your business? Take into account your users’ needs and developers’ skills.

ATLANTA — Without proper planning, developing mobile apps can quickly become a complicated and expensive process.

Enterprise mobility has taken off largely because employees use their own devices with their own apps. As organizations look to get more out of their mobile workforce, the question of whether or not to build corporate apps often arises. Before diving deep into a mobile application for your business, ask yourself these three questions:

What do your users need to do?

“Going mobile” doesn’t mean replicating the desktop experience on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile users don’t always need the full set of functionality that is usually available in desktop applications, and trying to jam those features in can hinder performance and usability. Consumer apps typically have a narrower focus and clean interfaces, and mobile apps for business should aim to do the same.

What do your developers know?

The iOS platform runs apps written in Objective-C; Android relies on Java. Depending on what your developers don’t know, these languages will shape your approach. A lot of the decision depends of what your organization knows. If you are starting a mobile app from scratch without a team, FlexDev provides services to help you determine the best technology stack to use for your application.

Other frameworks like PhoneGap and Ionic, allows developers to build mobile apps using common HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. This is an attractive option if your looking to build a price conscience solution. You can also use these frameworks to create apps for multiple platforms so developers don’t have to recreate the same app from scratch for each operating system.

What operating systems do you support?

Device diversity will also affect your mobile app development decisions.

For example, one company which was in the process of rolling out a mobile app for its casino and hotel guests determined that 80% of guests use iOS devices. Understanding your market and users can help you determine where to start when building your mobile apps.

It can also be easier to get Web apps up and running because there’s no app store approval process.

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