How to find a great developer?

An investor once told me that virtually none of the startups that have presented to him could explain where they got the estimation for the development costs in their business plan. At least not at a level that inspires confidence. In a typical scenario, when meeting with an investor, the entrepreneur with the idea doesn’t have a technical co-founder yet. This makes some sense, because good developers are smart enough not to work for free. This however puts them in [...]


How are you estimating development costs?

If you are charging money for software development you either have been or are going to be in trouble for it. There is a model that I use to explain how FlexDev projects are priced, which I’ve found the hard way. Feel free to use it (reference appreciated). Or tell us what can be improved. First a list of what the model should do: make the costs transparent to the client (where does the money go) predict velocity quantify how much work remains If you [...]