Rockstars wanted!

Location: Atlanta or Remote

Hours: 10-20/hours a week

Job Description:

I’m looking for a freelance project manager that has experience with WordPress and/or application development. We have multiple existing WordPress sites and have new websites coming in daily that I need help managing.

  • You can work remote and it would only require 10-15/hrs a week to start (we also have office space in Atlanta Tech Village).
  • Needs to be able to join our Slack Group and create user stories in Pivotal Tracker.
  • Design experience in order to build mockups of websites, landing pages, Facebook Ads
  • Experience setting up membership systems – MailChimp is a plus


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Location: Atlanta or Remote

Hours: 10/hours

Job Description:

I need someone that has assisted with Facebook Ads Manager. I have a few accounts I need help managing some day to day activities.This person will need to know how to import Facebook Ads using the Power Editor

  • Needs experience editing Power Editor spreadsheets in Excel
  • Needs to be able to create reports with screenshots in Google Slides
  • Needs to be able to export data in Excel – Data analysis experience would be a plus and lead to more work.
  • Experience creating data needed for importing CSV files such as audience, media numbers, links, etc.


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