Auto-Posting Articles with a Pocket RSS Feed

Auto-Posting Articles with a Pocket RSS Feed

Here’s an easy way to set up an auto-posting RSS feed of articles you want to share on social media. You can build a queue of posts from the all the articles you save into Pocket.

Step 1: Sign up for Pocket

Pocket is a free service that makes it easy to discover great content that’s personalized to your interests, and save this content so you can return to it later – on any device, at any time. I have Pocket downloaded on my mobile phone and I also have a chrome extension that lets me quickly save and tag articles. After I read an article, I can quickly save the article to pocket from my phone or from my desktop.

Step 2: Get your Pocket RSS Feed URL

In the Pocket privacy setting, you can choose your “All Items Feed” ( When you choose the link, it will open a new browser with your personal RSS Feed Link ( Save this link, you’ll need it in Step 4.

Step 3: Sign up for Hootsuite

Hootsuite lets you manage all of your social media accounts in one place. I use hootsuite to view and manage a lot of my social media activity. Once you’ve signed up, connect any social media accounts you have such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Pages, and more.

Step 4: Hootsuite RSS/Atom Feeds

In the Hootsuite settings, there is an option for RSS/Atom ( This is where you’ll add your Pocket RSS URL. Simply click the “+” symbol, add the URL, pick the social media account, and set up the additional settings( I have mine set up to check the RSS feed every 3 hours and post one article at a time. This builds a queue of posts from all the articles you save to Pocket.

Step 5: Add articles to Pocket

Now all you have to do is add articles to Pocket. You can use the Pocket Google Chrome Extension ( or you can save an article to Pocket from your mobile device (


Article by Israel Machovec – Co-Founder FlexDev and Founder of Snappi App


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