The Fastest Way to Share a Screenshot!

The Fastest Way to Share a Screenshot!

Have you ever needed to share a screenshot with a co-worker or team member? ?

A few months ago I started which offers flexible development solutions for startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. While building an application for a client, I was having trouble explaining to one of my developers where we needed to add a tab so the client could easily view their reports. After an hour of going back and forth with my developer on where this tab needed to be, I finally took a screenshot, placed the screenshot in powerpoint, added arrows and a detailed explanation, then emailed the powerpoint to him. The tab was then added correctly and we could move on to the next piece of functionality.

This form of visual communication worked so well that I found myself regularly taking screenshots and adding annotations to explain almost everything. However, I was spending way too much time uploading screenshots in powerpoint, adding annotations, and sending the information to my team. I needed to find a faster way for me to snap and share these explanations with my team.

Introducing the Snappi Desktop App

With the Snappi Desktop App, you can create a shareable link of any GIF, Screen Recording, or Screenshot in seconds.

After taking a screenshot, Snappi automatically creates a sharable URL of the file and adds the link to your clipboard. Snappi also has a feature called Screenshot & Edit that opens a new window of your snap allowing you to quickly add annotations such as lines, arrows, texts, and more. After adding your annotations, the screenshot is saved and a link to the image is added to your clipboard allowing you to easily paste and share in apps like Slack, Pivotal Tracker, Skype, Asana, and more.

To learn more about the awesome features of the Snappi App you can watch this short demo video and you can try Snappi for FREE at

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