How to find a great developer?

How to find a great developer?

An investor once told me that virtually none of the startups that have presented to him could explain where they got the estimation for the development costs in their business plan. At least not at a level that inspires confidence.

In a typical scenario, when meeting with an investor, the entrepreneur with the idea doesn’t have a technical co-founder yet. This makes some sense, because good developers are smart enough not to work for free. This however puts them in a bad position to estimate development costs. To fill this gap, FlexDev offers a service we call a Technical Feasibility Scan.

Enter FlexDev…

To mitigate technical implementation risks FlexDev will:

  • draw up a potential architecture
  • estimate the amount of work
  • identify technical risks such as: scalability, complexity or need for rare skills
  • create initial graphical designs to show to investors and launching customers

Many early startups struggle with technical difficulties of implementing their idea. Many are forced to do a rewrite before they reach MVP. FlexDev has the skills and experience to avoid this and to reduce TTM with the lowest technical risk.

Technical risk is financial risk. It is better to aim at a good business opportunity with an inferior product, than going for a non-opportunity with technical perfection. But, failing to deliver the technical minimum will fail the whole venture. Most startups are focussing on technical propositions, so mitigating technical risk is pivotal.

Get in touch if you like to discuss the options for scanning your idea.

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