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March 2024

The Fastest Way to Share a Screenshot!

Have you ever needed to share a screenshot with a co-worker or team member? ? A few months ago I started which offers flexible development solutions for startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. While building an application for a client, I was having trouble explaining to one of my developers where we needed to add a tab...

How to find a great developer?

An investor once told me that virtually none of the startups that have presented to him could explain where they got the estimation for the development costs in their business plan. At least not at a level that inspires confidence. In a typical scenario, when meeting with an investor, the entrepreneur with the idea doesn’t have...

January 2024

June 2023

May 2023

Keyboard Shortcuts #3  – Basic Editing Shortcuts

Using these shortcuts come in handy when I’m editing blog posts, selecting text for copy & pasting, and more. I started using these shortcuts in Excel but they quickly translated into everyday keyboard shortcuts. I just wish I would have known these shortcuts when I was editing resumes as a recruiter. The beauty of these...

Keyboard Shortcuts #2  – Opening Links in Google Chrome

I used to always right click a link, then select “Open in a new tab” I promise these are a much faster option. *These are the Mac shortcuts, for Windows see this post. Select link & open a new tab: Command + Click Example: Select link, open & go to the new tab: Command + Shift + Click Example:...