Mobile Apps

Everything you need to know about developing mobile apps

Developing mobile apps for your users can help them be more productive, but before you start building apps, learn about the different kinds. ATLANTA — Mobile apps have contributed to the rise of smartphones and tablets in a big way, and many organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are showing more interest in developing their own mobile apps. For many companies, developing mobile apps is a worthwhile way to spend time and money because these apps can help increase their employees’ productivity. With a mobile app, [...]


3 Questions to Ask Before Developing Mobile Apps

Considering a mobile app for your business? Take into account your users’ needs and developers’ skills. ATLANTA — Without proper planning, developing mobile apps can quickly become a complicated and expensive process. Enterprise mobility has taken off largely because employees use their own devices with their own apps. As organizations look to get more out of their mobile workforce, the question of whether or not to build corporate apps often arises. Before diving deep into a mobile application for your business, ask yourself these three [...]